Zen Master, Singer, Actor, Theater Director

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An initiated disciple and a Dharma heir of Gudo Waffu Nishijima Roshi in Japan, the Soto sect, the Dogen Sangha lineage.
June 2000 - received a Dharma Transmission.


A Laureate of "The World Peace Ambassador Award 2015" - Save The World Foundation.

Awarded a honoured life membership in the International Film and Television Research Center - The Asian Academy of Film and Television - New Delhi - India.

Was invited to sing for the United Nations in the first annual United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day - UNCC - Bangkok.

2013 - 2015 Artistic director of the Israeli national contemporary theater festival.  

Conducted workshops on Buddhism creativity and meditation and led retreats in Germany, India, Thailand, Japan, South-Korea, Nepal, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Belgium, Cambodia, Portugal and Israel.

Represented Israel as an actor, director, singer, and lecturer in Nepal, The Philippines, Australia, Fiji, Belgium, Cambodia, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Malta, Egypt, The United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Singapore, Brazil, Poland, Tanzania, Mauritius, Rwanda, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Senegal and Myanmar


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With His Excellency the former president of Israel and Nobel peace prize laureate - Mr. Simon Peres


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